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That is all the final in 2014. That is about or you can say between the KKR and the KXIP. If anything reminds of that match then that is sixes. Which was hit by the batsman in a row of some sixes. And that batsman name is Karanveer Singh. And that all the sixes which was glancing on that final match. And the importance of that final is good bowling means the legspinners bowling that all the clubbed off. In that moment that was the captured moment of that match. In that match that seems that they had all the christening like all the bowl and that all are in the hand. And the important that is that all are in T20 cricket. That all things are the unpredictably for the karanveer. At that moment he also begged for the wickets.

And that time that all regarding their toss and then they got the prize. For the scalp to Manish Panday in his last over. Or we can say his final over.

In that historical day, Manish Pandey has played the excellent knock. That knock is the best knock of his life. In that day they all were hitting the ball so nicely, if we talk about the bowling then the Axar Patel also was in good form. And he continued his runs as well. And that batting or bowling combination that is their strength too. And if we talk about the batsman then they were trying for their loop.

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And all that before they all are about to bowl, that is like the pep talk. And also the Bailey or the George Bailey that told them to play freely then have no restriction to do. You can do whatever you want to do in the field. Like all this word players were very motivated. Like this also they are freehand express too. And that thing was the best thing of that year. And also their couch told that this is a great opportunity for the Youngstar.

And if I tell about the middle of the game then that was so thrilling. They required more runs in fewer balls then Manish and talk the bow and hit some couple of runs or can be a sample of sixes. But the coach told all the bowlers that thing like all the bowlers should go for the quick wicket. And during the break, Bailey again went for the captain and the bowlers and the told that you should go for the quick wickets. And also he told that thing that was if anyhow Manish Pandey will play till the end then we will lose the match before one over.

And about the final twist that is Piyush hit the six to the Jonshon. But then also they have faith in themselves and again Piyush hit the final boundary then that all was over. And that lost the Kings 11 Punjab was so disappointing because before the game there only goal to win that title.