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Tennis player takes his name back

Roger Federer, is a famous tennis player and he has won many rewards in his game. Now, fresh news is coming up regarding the Australian open up which is that he is taking his name back from the competition. In all these years he has played really well and now he is unwilling to represent himself in the tennis game. 

The reason he has given behind this was that he has to stay away from his family for more than five weeks and he has never done this before. Roger stated that his family has his wife and 4 children, he said that he doesn’t want to leave them for such a long time. 

However, the corona has increased difficulties for the players, now they have to stay for at least 2 more weeks extra. But unless and until corona is completely removed from the country all the precautions will be followed as it was. 

After players will visit Melbourne they all have to show their Covid negative report which should be between 72 hours. Other than this, all other precautions and safety measures will be in action. The locker room and all the equipment of the players will be properly sanitized. This open championship is going to start between 8-16 February and players have to visit Melbourne in January itself. 

Rafael Nadal’s outfit for the Australian open

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The Spanish champion, Rafael Nadal had to change his outfit this year, we saw his last outfit which was a pink t-shirt which was sleeveless, as his shirt doesn’t cover his complete body and the temperature here is also really low, which is not suitable for the health of the players. So it is requested by the brand of the player to replace his sleeveless t-shirt with complete sleeves. 

In Australia open 2021, he will wear his t-shirt with sleeves to ignore health issues and to perform well.  The color of the t-shirt is the same pink, and then the name of the brand is written in white color. The player is famous for wearing a sleeveless t-shirt in the match and he has been wearing that for very long in every match.

American player tests corona positive 

The situation is not normalized from corona yet, people are suffering from this pandemic and people who have to go out and join social things are more likely to suffer from this. Amanda Aminisova tested positive for the Covid test, she is a 19-year-old tennis player and she confirmed that she is not going to play in the tournament which is going to help in Abu Dhabi in January. 

She is not only the girl, who is unwilling to play but there are more players who have taken their name back for this tournament because of Covid.